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“Acces la literatura științifică” is an annual event organised by Enformation. This year’s edition will take place between 25th-27th October, in Iași.
In cooperation with the representatives of international academic publishing houses, the first day of our event will host practical workshops presenting the latest tools and functionalities available to Romanian researchers interested in academic publishing. The Romanian Research and Education System remains the main focus of our activities. Every day we discover positive changes of this system, thanks to people who follow their passion and we want to share them with the Enformation community! Therefore, the two-day plenary sessions will address alternatives and real solutions to the existing limitations of the Romanian Research and Education System.

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“Acces la literatura științifică” is an annual event organised by Enformation aiming at bringing together people from the Research and Education sectors to create new collaboration opportunities within the academic field. We encourage our speakers to share their successful experiences to show that resourcefulness comes from a well educated and guided passion.

The 5th Edition

The 5th edition of the conference provides students, PhDs, teachers, librarians and researchers with the ideal environment to share ideas, address various issues and find solutions. The three-day event includes plenary sessions and workshops designed to reveal research trends, new education methods and innovative solutions.

350+ Participants

More than 350 participants attended our event in 2016: representatives of 21 International Publishing Houses, professors and members of the Academia, but also researchers, librarians, students and business organizations from Romania and abroad interested in the topics we proposed during last year’s edition of “Acces la literatura științifică”.

Why is our event relevant

Publishers` Day

International Publishers` Day is dedicated to all people interested in academic writing and publishing. With our well known partners` help, during practical workshops you have the chance to find out firsthand about the latest tools designed to ease the research process, the newest functionalities available for librarians and the tips & trick of their online platforms.

Research Day

We believe that research is a fundamental activity for the development of a country. But this seems an idealistic idea in Romania, mainly because of limited resources. However, there are people who dedicate their time and knowledge to in-depth study and new discoveries. During the conference, you will meet some of the Romanian researchers who are living proof that performance can be achieved in Romania, too.

Education Day

Education is the key to a better civilization and economic growth. Last but not least, the plenary sessions will present topics like copyright policy and academic integrity, alternative methods in teaching and learning or the importance of resourcefulness. You will feel inspired by our guests, who are determined to find solutions where others see only problems.

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    How should the education system evolve to meet to current needs of the student?

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    What are the most engaging learning models for millenials?

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    What measures should the Government and Romanian universities take to stop plagiarism and acknowledge the “full-time job” status for research?

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    How can we overcome the limitations of the Romanian Research and Education System?

These topics and many more will be discussed at the 5th edition of the event “Acces la literatura științifică” and will be delivered by experienced international and national speakers. Our event encourages debates, sharing ideas and experiences, building partnerships and new projects.


Paul Balogh
Paul Balogh CEO & Cofounder, Learn Forward Ltd, UK
Adina Dragomirescu
Adina Dragomirescu Researcher, “Iorgu Iordan” Institute of Linguistics & Associate Professor, University of Bucharest
Stoica Cristinel Popa
Stoica Cristinel Popa President, Euroteens Association
Anton Anton
Anton Anton Deputy, Romanian Parliament & Professor, Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest
Sergiu Penciu
Sergiu Penciu Partnership Development Manager, BCR
Stefania Ureche
Ștefania Ureche Social Erasmus Coordinator, ESN Iași
Mircea Dumitru
Mircea Dumitru Rector, University of Bucharest
Liliana Hadji
Liliana Hadji Founder, Gritty Education Association
Alexandru Roja
Alexandru Roja Assistant Professor, West University of Timișoara
Andreia Petcu
Andreia Petcu Cofounder, Learning by Teaching Association
Marian Staș
Marian Staș President, Liderii Mileniului Trei Association & Professor, Harvard University
Cristina Costiniuc
Cristina Costiniuc Product Manager, Plagiat – Sistem Antiplagiat prin Internet
Anna Mauersberger
Anna Mauersberger Cofounder of initiatives for online-learning
Anselm Maria Sellen
Anselm Maria Sellen Educational Innovator, Blogger, Podcaster
Gail Clement
Gail Clement Head of Research Services, Caltech
Marius Andruh
Marius Andruh Vice President, CNATDCU
Alexandru Cabuz
Alexandru Căbuz Researcher, Romanian Institute of Science and Technology
Varujan Pambuccian
Varujan Pambuccian Professor, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, UB
Ana Maria Pintea
Ana Maria Pintea Lawyer, Bucharest Bar
Olivia Padureanu
Olivia Pădureanu Student, Samuel von Brukenthal National College, Sibiu
Darius Stefan
Darius Ștefan Student, CNB High School, Timișoara
Andrei Turtoi
Andrei Turtoi Student, “Spiru Haret” Dobruja High School, Tulcea



“Mihai Eminescu” Central University Library, Iași
Unirea Hotel, located in the historical center of Iași, in Unirii Square, is a reference brand with over 40 years’ experience in the field ( We expect to greet you here for the Publishers’ Day, on 25th October. “Mihai Eminescu” Central University Library is the oldest and the largest library in Moldova. The library’s funds totalize over 2.500.000 volumes, of which more than 100.000 are rare books, manuscripts, foreign old books, archives, maps and engravings ( The library will host the Research and Education Days (26th - 27th October).