Stefania Ureche

Stefania Ureche

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Ștefania Ureche

Company / Organization

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Iași

Title / Position

Social Erasmus Coordinator

Short description

Ștefania Ureche is in her final year of bachelor’s studies at the Faculty of Letters in Iași. When she’s not reading or learning for her exams, Ștefania dedicates her time to volunteer in all sorts of projects, thinking that this is the best way to gain experience in order to be prepared for life’s challenges. Among her most notable achievements are the involvements in a Romanian film festival (Serile Filmului Românesc), as part of the PR team, where she had the chance to meet and interview some well-known Romanian actors, but also the experience as an intern in a local hub (Hub Resilience), showing interest in the development of her city. Her foremost experience, though, was going abroad to study for one semester (after she received an Erasmus+ grant for a study mobility in Spain), which determined her to become a change agent in what education is concerned. By the way, one of her strongest beliefs is that education represents “the root of a healthy community” and this is why Ștefania would like to be remembered as the author of an important change in the education system. Currently, she’s a full-time volunteer in ESN Iași, a non-profit international student organization, but also a member of a youth theatre group (Ludic) in Iași.