Stoica Cristinel Popa

Stoica Cristinel Popa

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Stoica Cristinel Popa

Company / Organization

Euroteens Association

Title / Position

President of Euroteens Association

Short description

Stoica Cristinel Popa is a political scientist and NGO activist from Braila, Romania. With scholarships he took part in trainings, research and volunteering programs in 26 countries on 5 continents: Europe: Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Moldova, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, France, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia; Asia: Turkey, China, Japan; North America: USA, Mexico, Honduras; South America: Chile, Colombia; Africa: Ghana. Stoica Cristinel Popa is the author of three books and other publications. Graduate and former scholarship recipient at Stanford University, Harvard University and the University of Texas.