Tatiana Cauni 2022

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Tatiana Cauni

  • Company / Organization

    “Emil Racoviță” Theoretical High School, Baia Mare

  • Title / Position

    Romanian Teacher

  • Short description

    I am a tenure teacher of Romanian language and literature at the “Emil Racoviță” Theoretical High School in Baia Mare and a MERITO teacher since 2019. I have a master’s degree in Human Rights and I am part of the Corps of Experts and Mentors in Education. For 21 years I have had a theater group, right in the high school where I teach, theater being my passion, which I have passed on to those around me. It is called “Masca” and is made up of teenagers from IX-XII grades. I also have a theater optional class, named “Joc și improvizație teatrală” and I coordinate two theater festivals: one for high school students, on a national level – The theater – a game of ideas (Ed.X), and one for secondary school students, on a local level – The Mask (Ed. VII). Another passion of mine is reading, which I try to place in the soul of my teenagers through everything I do! Last but not least, I promote traveling, managing to combine literature with history and thus discovering, together with my students, the beauty that exists in the world.