Simona Ciff 2022

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Simona Ciff

  • Company / Organization

    „Pașaport pentru Succes” Program

  • Title / Position

    PhD Educational Psychology, Trainer & Speaker

  • Short description

    My name is Sim and that’s all. People find me energetic and positive and appreciate me because I bring out the best in them. I was trained as a psychologist and psychotherapist, and at the moment I use my experience and knowledge in emotional intelligence education programs. I created the “Passport to Success” program for teenagers. The program contains 5 of the most important skills needed to achieve success in any area of ​​life. I organize emotional intelligence development camps for teenagers, bootcamps for women, training and conferences for adults. I am often invited as a speaker on topics such as: emotional intelligence, emotions, happiness, interpersonal relationships, education, self-confidence, team and leadership. I have understood for several years that I cannot teach anyone anything, as learning takes place within us, only when we are open to observing ourselves. That’s why I try to be a humble and loving instrument that shares her experience with others.