Mircea Miclea 2021

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Mircea Miclea

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    Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, UBB Cluj

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  • Short description

    PhD Mircea Miclea is a Professor to the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and PhD Coordinator to the Doctoral School of Applied Cognitive Sciences. He is a leading psychologist, with extensive experience as a trainer and trainer in psychotherapy, and he has been tenured to Babeș-Bolyai University. Also, he is the Director of Cognitrom, a private centre for psychological research and development, where he coordinates multiple innovative platforms for computerized psychological evaluation and intervention for children, teenagers and adults; system used in national and international institutions. He created the academic journal “Cognition, Brain, Behavior: An Interdisciplinary Journal” and he was the Minister of Education and Research, developing several national strategies and reports in the field of education.