Mircea Iliescu 2022

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Mircea Iliescu

  • Company / Organization

    University of Cambridge, UK

  • Title / Position

    Geneticist – Institute of Continuing Education

  • Short description

    Mircea Iliescu has a PhD in human genetics and evolution (University of Cambridge, UK, 2016), and he is currently affiliated with the University of Cambridge, where he teaches evolution and genetics courses at the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE, University of Cambridge). During his research career, he traveled from India to Chile to study the genetic evolution of human diversity in different populations. Among other things, he has studied the diversity of skin color and how it has evolved in populations in India, and more recently is interested in the evolution of the immune response in populations with complex evolutionary histories. He is a researcher present in the public space, aiming to reveal to people of all kinds the fascination and beauty of science.