Cristian Presura 2022

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Cristian Presură

  • Company / Organization

    Philips, Netherlands

  • Title / Position

    Physicist, Researcher, Inventor

  • Short description

    Cristian Presură graduated from the faculties of electrical engineering and physics. He worked at the Institute of Atomic Physics, where he dealt with electrical installations and studied the properties of lasers with solid active media. In 2002, he obtained his PhD in Physics at the University of Groningen, Netherlands, where he characterized the optical properties of electron-correlated systems. His results were published as articles and included in specialized journals such as “Physical Review B”, “Physical Review Letters” and “Science”. He is currently a Researcher at Philips, Netherlands. He specialized in the field of medical sensors. Together with his team, he invented and introduced to the market the first watch capable of measuring the pulse of athletes based only on optical sensors. He published dozens of works and patents. Cristian Presură has an intense activity of popularizing science in Romanian, writing articles for newspapers, journals and television. He is the author of the books “Fizica povestită” (Humanitas, 2014), “O călătorie prin univers” (Humanitas, 2019), “Care e diferența dintre un copil și un laptop?” (Humanitas, 2020). He can be seen weekly with a new video on his youtube channel: “Physics with Cristian Presură”.