Corina Popa 2020

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Corina Popa

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    Școala de Gramatică

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    Corina Popa has a PhD in Philology, graduated of the School of Diplomacy in Madrid, member of the Romanian American Academy of Arts and Science (from 2021), member of the research group Educational Role of Language – Poland (from 2019) and member of the Spanish Association of the Cognitive Linguistics (from 2019). From 2020 she was admitted to the PhD School of the Center of Excellence in Image Studies from the University of Bucharest, with a research in the theory of education. Professional experience: Counselor – The Department of Education and Research of the Presidential Administration (2021 to present day); Founder and Manager – The Grammar School; Host of the TV show (2019-2021); Counselor for Education Problems at the Romanian Parliament (2017-2020); Intern at the Linguistic Institute the Lexicography Department. She is the Author of the volume and coordinator of the series . Her articles and conferences address topics in the fields of education and linguistics. Competences: education, linguistics (rhetoric, discourse analysis, intercultural and interpersonal communication), cultural studies.