Corina Arhip Rossi 2022

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Corina Arhip-Rossi

  • Company / Organization

    “Dimitrie Cuclin” High School of Arts, Galați

  • Title / Position

    High School Student

  • Short description

    My name is Corina Arhip-Rossi, I am 18 years old and I am a student at Liceul de Arte ,,Dimitrie Cuclin” Galați. I like to keep busy so in my free time I prefer to read fanatsy books, psychological books and many more. I like to write stories and creat fantasy worlds and characters. Lately I decided I wanted to pursue drawing and playing guitar. The biggest academic achivement is earning the English language certificate C1. As for personality, I consider myself kind and helpful but also radical and confident. In the future I want to pursue an education in psychology and my dream is to be able to conduct researches in human psychology.