Alina Avram 2021

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Alina Cerasela Avram

  • Company / Organization

    Institute for World Economy

  • Title / Position

    PhD, SR III, Institute for World Economy

  • Short description

    Alina-Cerasela Avram is a Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies graduate, with a PhD in the field of business management. Since 2017, she is involved in several projects powered by Enformation. Alina also activates as a researcher at the Institute for World Economy since 2016 and developed several innovative projects in the private sector. Alina is the editor-in-chief and founder of the Junior Scientific Researcher Journal, a publication founded in 2015, after she won the Start-Up Smart project competition for young entrepreneurs. Another similar initiative is Catalog Med Tour – a portal dedicated to medical tourism, launched in 2012.