Vlad Arimia 2020

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Vlad Arimia

  • Company / Organization

    University College London Neuroscience Society

  • Title / Position

    Scientific Advisor

  • Short description

    My interest for understanding the underpinnings of nervous system development can be traced back to my high school (“C. D. Loga” National College, Timisoara) days when I received the first prize in a national competition for biological communications for high school students. I started studying neuroscience at UCL in 2017 and have since been awarded the Genes and Development studentship by the UK Genetics Society (for studying intrinsic aspects of neurogenesis with Dr. Richard Poole in 2018) and the Gurdon award from the BSDB (for studying the molecular mechanisms of neural induction with prof. Claudio Stern FRS in 2019)