Cristian Lupescu

Cristian Lupescu

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Cristian Lupescu

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Spiru Haret National College, Bucharest

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My 3 biggest achievements in these beautiful years of teenager are the following: a sociological study entitled ”The students time management” (written together with a classmate) - because for the first time I managed to put into practice what I learned in school; „Spark Plug” Conference that I set up - whose main purpose was to empower the teenagers to discover themselves and start learning from non-formal education; and the “cherry on top” - The Change Hub. For the very first time in Romanian Educational System History, me and my team created a non-formal space inside of a High School, where everybody have access to it and where we bring plenty of opportunities to our students - that is, in few words, The Change Hub. I find myself a very positive person, who tries to make the best of every situation and who always tries to restore confidence into others. I am very fond of sport, but I think that Rugby defines me as a person. That is because no matter what activity I do, I invest plenty of energy in creating a united team, I always respect the ethical rules of the life-game and I never try to avoid the obstacles that come in my way. If there is a motto in my life, that might be: “Set an example, by breaking the pattern”.