Olivia Betina Padurean

Olivia Betina Padurean

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Olivia Betina Pădurean

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Samuel von Brukenthal National College, Sibiu

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I am Olivia Betina Pădurean and I have 16 years old. I deeply appreciate the truth as a fundamental characteristic of a human, the human solidarity and the permanent motivation for social activity. Beside school, individual study and spending time with my family and friends, I always find time for volunteering. After 10 years of volunteering, I was nominated at Gala Tineretului DJTS for “Best Volunteer from Sibiu”, in 2016. I started volunteering for the social aspect, in four NGOs (Olivia Philanthropic Association, Heart for Romania, Hilfe fur Hermannstadt, UCOS Sibiu Foundation) which helped me to understand and know better the value of humanity. I enjoyed the cultural side participating at some main communitary events. I was co-host at the International “Sibiu - Music Capital” Festival, 4th and 5th edition. Also, during FITS Festival 2017 I was VIP Assistant, having the chance to share opinions with national and international public figures. My education is completed by the artistic activity with Domy Music Star Association and by the intercultural activity with Edith Stein Gymnasium, Munchen.