Anselm Maria Sellen

Anselm Maria Van Sellen

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Anselm Maria Van Sellen

Company / Organization

European Education Centre “Europahaus Marienberg”

Title / Position

Director of Studies

Short description

The first time I realized that education was something I truly desired was when I was no longer forced to care about test results and grades. But that wasn’t until I turned 20 and started becoming a literary scholar. School had educated the fun out of me. Today I am a 36 year old educational innovator from Cologne (Germany) eager to educate the fun of learning back into coming generations. Over the past years I was busy creating non-formal experiences and projects for young adults from all over Europe, trying to inspire students and help them rediscover their passion to ask questions and to look at the world surrounding them with awe and interest. I am anxious to design projects and foster ideas that help transforming knowledge into consciousness. Among other things, I am a blogger, author, Zombie scientist and podcaster.